Discover Brisbane with Sunset at Shorncliffe

One of the most magical places in Brisbane to experience sunset is on the beach at Shorncliffe. Located only 14km from the CBD by the waters of Moreton Bay, Shorncliffe is home to an iconic wooden pier, some beautiful seaside picnic areas and a terrific children’s playground. Although the pier is currently closed and awaiting a major rebuild in the coming years, it is a wonderful photographic subject in the late afternoon light! This is one of our favourite places to visit in Brisbane.

Here are some images that I captured recently on the beach and along the walking paths at Shorncliffe:



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About Keiran Lusk

Keiran is a photographer and popular Australian Instagrammer and is based on Moreton Island in Queensland, Australia. His passions include the natural environment, the beach, wide open spaces and anything related to technology, social media and the internet. Keiran loves spending time with his young family and is a proud Dad. He also works as a park ranger and lighthouse caretaker.